Sebastian Buzzalino is a Canadian-Argentine photographer based in Calgary, Canada. His photography is found at the intersection of bodies, between subjects, environments and himself.

Primarily a music photographer, Buzzalino has been working with bands in across Canada for six years, starting with editorial shoots while he was Editor at BeatRoute Magazine, then shooting album artwork (Daniel Romano, Ancient Shapes, Mariel Buckley, T. Buckley, Too Attached ft. Cartel Madras) and going on tour across North America and Europe (Daniel Romano, Ancient Shapes, The Velveteins, Miesha & the Spanks). 

In his street photography, he deals with themes of navigating a bi-cultural identity, searching for the idea of home and how people make community where they are.

Buzzalino’s photography is informed by an organic sort of intimacy and closeness, a sense of nostalgia for the recent past that seems to frame moments in time as iconographic. 


El amor arde en la calle, la vereda, entre los edificios y las antenas. Transparent Brain Press, 2020.

The Velveteins: A West Coast Tour. Independent, 2019.

Ancient Shapes Across Canada 2018. You’ve Changed Records, 2018.

All My Friends. Independent, 2017.

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